Laurika Rauch

Laurika Rauch was born on the 1st of November 1950 in Pinelands, Cape Town, as the youngest child of Fritz and Rina Rauch. She has a sister, Ingrid, and a brother, Johan. Her father was public relations manager of The Old Mutual and her mother a trained social worker who later became editor of a women’s magazine, Die Huisvrou. After school, she studied drama at the University of Stellenbosch.
After the success of Kinders van die Wind, the singer and songwriter Anton Goosen asked her (in October 1979) to accompany him on a tour. With the appearance of Kinders van die Wind in 1979, Laurika became a household name in South Africa overnight.
Vinyls “Debuut”(1979), “ ’n Jaar in my lewe” (1980), “Vir Jou” (1981), “Jy is te Dierbaar” (1983) “Laurika op Versoek” (1985), “Encore! Laurika” (1988), “Stuur groete aan Mannetjies Roux” (1990) AND “Die gang” (1992) lie close to Laurika’s heart, particularly because it was in more ways than one a path breaker. “It was her first Afrikaans album to reach platinum status, and it was the first Afrikaans album to appear in South Africa as a CD. With The Brel Album (1997) Laurika returned to the greatest hits of Jacques Brel. Although there have been other successful greatest hits compilations, her “19 Treffers van 21 Jaar”(1999) looked back on a career of 20 years. This compilation has obtained double platinum status with sales of around 120 000+ and remains a good seller.


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